Physician Shortages Of Rural America

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Physician Shortages in Rural America
A physician is the trained professional or expert in the area of medicine. This field is concerned with maintaining, restoring and promoting human health through research, diagnosis and prompt treatment of the infections, injury and diseases together with other mental and physical impairments. Thus, the number of physicians in the rural areas of America has declined, which is related to the total number of graduates from the medical colleges and universities in the country and the surrounding states. In addition, the shortages are related to the number of the trained physicians, who practice medicine as the major career and then seek for employment in other country leaving America without the manpower (Rosenblatt, 2000). The number of physician in the country is measured via various parameters, which include the local population epidemiology, population demographics health care goal and policies and the types and number of other health practitioners in the system.
The real challenges in the rural areas in America is to sustain a recommended number of health practitioners because if more are trained than the required the demand will be less and supply high and the costs will be great for the federal government. If the number of physicians is, too few the rural people will continue to suffer from health related issues due to hardships in getting the health care. Thus, the shortage of health physicians in rural America is
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