Physician’s Assisted Suicide

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Imagine yourself lying in bed at the hospital hooked up to all sorts of machines that are just barely keeping you alive. Imagine the pain and suffering you are in on a daily bass and the medication being given to you isn’t cutting it any longer and all the doctors and nurses can do for you is just keep you comfortable. The doctors have literally given you no chance of survival and death is imminent. You have taken the time you have left to say your good-byes, came to terms with dying, and you are ready to leave this world. If you could choose to end your life instead of wasting away, would you take advantage of it? Death is the inevitable fate of all humans. When facing death, the question may arise as to whether or not third parties…show more content…
When a patient is laying in a hospital bed in pain and the medication no longer helps, the doctors and nurses can no longer help except to try and make the patient as comfortable as possible; why not let them choose to end their life. When the patient is forced to endure agonizing pain even though they want to die, some decided to end their lives on their own ending in a more traumatic and messy outcome then a humane injection or pill that will take away their pain and let them slip away easily. In my opinion there is no reason to suffer endlessly waiting on their imminent death, why not let a physician who knows what he/she is doing help the patient to end their lives on their own terms. The government cannot stop suicide from happening, there are people all over the U.S. that end their lives for a reason. Telling a patient who knows he/she will die sooner than later due to their illness that they cannot end their lives gives that patient in some cases a feeling of loss of power. When an adult is told by younger doctors and nurses that they are not to end their lives, it pushes some over the edge and they end up wanting to end their lives in their own way. When taking their lives into their own hands it can become messy and traumatic. Giving the terminally ill adults the power back to choose when they want to go and how they want to go makes their ending of life much more peaceful. The patient that is able to choose death
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