Physicians Career Research Paper

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Physicians are like doctors but doctors have more requirements. Physicians are doctors that can treat and prescribe medications or drugs. However, they cannot do surgeries and or more complicated medical procedures. Physicians can perform and order interpret diagnostic tests. They examine patients and look at medical histories. Physicians Treat minor conditions that are not serious and and non urgent like emergencies. They also treat everyday conditions like sore throat, diet, fever, and more.
Physicians are required a lot of skill and abilities. First, Physicians need to have emotional stability. Physicians are going to be dealing with patients and sometimes, you might be attached to that patient. When something goes wrong, physicians are
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Physicians will need 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of additional training in internships and residency programs. Physicians also required to complete biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, english, humanities, and social sciences during undergraduate school. Extra curricular that physician do in order to gain experience is go to clinics and hospitals to do volunteer work. During medical schools, classes like, anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, medical ethics, and the laws governing medicine. To be able to go to medical school, MCAT or the Medical Admission Test is required to get in. Also a letter of recommendation, personality, leadership, and extra activities are required to get into medical school. To complete my undergraduate I want to go to OSU-OKC or Swosu and then I want to transfer to OU university to start on studying…show more content…
Physician also earn a great amount of money. Physicians earn up to about $241,273 in 2014 but the median salary is $195,000 . A physician practicing in medical speciality earn about $411,852 according to the year 2014. The physician’s earning can also depend on the physician's personality, place of education, hours worked, years practiced, and reputation. Physicians also have great benefits depending where you work. Some of the benefits that physicians get are Insurance. Insurance like the Occurrence based malpractice insurance, health and dental insurance, short and long term disability, death benefit, life insurance, and discounted auto and homeowners insurance. There are others like self-fund medical for medical expenses, annual for continuing medical education, educational materials, and even medical
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