Physics And Physics Of Molecular Levels

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Although Prof Cook had already pointed the direction of my research objective, however, I did not have a clear picture about it.
He wanted to explore microscopic effects of the relativity in molecular levels – which meant to find out the difference of interactions within a molecule with or without relativistic considerations. Moreover, when problems arising from computing the interaction between objects, even only considering Newtonian effects, mathematics was not that powerful, which could not derive a precise solution for a three-body problem. Now we needed to consider interaction within a molecule, which had three bodies at least, in terms of quantum and relativistic laws.
Facing the fascinating, but, daunting goal, I would have to take
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I had already deleted “quit” from my vocabulary.
Realizing it was a personal journey, by myself alone, nobody could replace my own effort, day in day out, I went to the lab read books, or to the library seek relative articles. Read and thought, read again, thought again, compared several books to try extract meaning of each concept and each equation. Biting the bullet and clenching teeth I pushed forward. With a purpose in mind, I put my energy to face the challenge.
Professor had never lost his patience. “That is all right. Take as much time as you need,” he would say.
Some times he even spent time to digest the essence of some articles step by step.
It was a typical day - after I struggled a couple of hours, the text blurred, the symbols on the equations seemed to crawl on top of each other. It was mind-bottling ordeals.
Shaking my head, squinting my eyes, I tried to figure out the meaning of what I was reading, but I failed.
Even though I had a strong background in physics and mathematics, however, unlike what I expected as when in college days I had absorbed every new concept, every hard differential equation with ease, being 36 years old, and away from demanding study for more than a decade, I found digging into special theoretical monographs not only involved fundamental physics and math, but demanding of deep thinking and hard grasping new abstract concepts.
In a restroom, I splashed cold water on my face and took deep breaths, I needed a break
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