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Sunlight and Concave Mirror for Cooking

Pamatmat, Mikaela Franchesca
Siacon, Maria Sherlene Dianne
Cruz, Jeremy Anne
Lardizabal, Zaree Dominique
Macagba, Danielle
Martinez, Kyrene

Sir Vincent Sabong


The researchers thought of trying to come up with a makeshift solar cooker in order to test if this way of cooking may be effective and useful in substituting for a frying pan and a stove. The solar cooker may be a possible alternative when cooking outdoors under the heat of the sun. It could also be a huge energy saver and a safer way of cooking, avoiding hazards such as burns. The researchers have picked the safest and easiest procedure and materials in making a solar cooker so that teenagers or even
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Rationale * The researchers arrived at this kind of problem stumbling upon the topic of solar power and how much heat the sun’s rays can produce. * The researchers, as a group think that this is of big significance since global warming is indeed a serious problem in the world, in line with this, usage of energy is one of the factors that concerns this, and as students, investigating on this may be a way of helping out. They also thought that this would be a fun and innovative experience especially since this is not something you see or do every day. * PROBLEM: Can we cook food by using a mirror and sunlight? * HYPOTHESIS: * H1: If heat is produced once the sun’s rays are reflected through the mirror to the food attempted to be cooked, then we can cook food using a mirror and sunlight. * H2: If the heat coming from the sun is not enough as compared to the heat coming from the gas range or electric stove, then we cannot cook food using only a mirror and sunlight. * OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: * The researchers’ main objective is to be able to come up with a successful investigation and prove that it is indeed

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