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Grade 11 physics: SPH3U1-01 | Physics Lab Report | Specific Heat Capacity of Brass | | Jin Jin Shi | 2012/12/6 |

Instructor: Mr. Nailer |

I. Introduction The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a solid body depends on its change in temperature (ΔT), its mass (m), and an intrinsic characteristic of the material forming the body called specific heat (cp). The heat is calculated from the equation II. Purpose
The purpose of this laboratory is to determine the experimental quantities of heat transfer and specific heat capacity in a laboratory situation..

III. Equipment * Eye protection * Graduated cylinder * Thermometer * Stirring rod * 250 mL beaker * Retort stand
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The accepted value for the specific heat capacity of brass is 3.8x10^2J/(kg°C). Determine the percentage error for the calculation using the percentage error equation.

%error=accepted value –measured value/accepted value x100% =3.8x10^2-8.7x10^2/3.8x10^2x100% =129 5. Use the equations Q = mc△T and Qreleased + Qabsorbed=0 to calculate the specific heat capacity of the unknown metal.
Qwater = cp waterx mwater x ΔT water
Qwater=Q unknown metal
Cp unknown metal=Q unknown metal/m unknown xΔT unknown metal
Cp unknown metal= -5892/(0.1)(37-98) =9.7x10^2J/kg°C VII. Analyze and Evaluate (a) Consider the percentage difference obtained in Part A. What might have caused this percentage difference?
The equipment we were using might may caused this percentage difference, because thermometer might not be accurate when we look at by our eyes, we can ignore this error by using calorimeter.

(b) Consider the percentage error obtained in Part B. What may be responsible for the difference in the values between Part A and Part B?

The temperature of water might cause the difference in the values between Part A and Part B, because we need Q water in both Part A and Part B, If the temperature of water is different, then the result will also be different.

(c) This investigation would be valuable to

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