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Impulse and Momentum Lab Part I: As the first lab of the Physics 2 curriculum, our class completed a lab experiment that introduced us students to a new concept that would be a foundation to the future topics that we learn in this class. In this lab activity, we used a lab cart on a flat track to compare the collision of the cart with a force sensor with and without the plunger during different trials. The materials that we would need for this activity are a lab cart on a flat track, a timer, a force sensor, and a Ti-Nspire Calculator. The Ti-Nspire Calculator was connected to the force sensor in order to track and create data that would be shown in graphs on the calculator. Because we had to compare the collision of the cart with…show more content…
In conclusion, there were many differences between the calculations found between the trials with and without the plungers of the lab cart. The key differences were the differences between duration of impact, average force, and impulse of both trials. Part II: As a follow-up lab activity to Part I, we completed a lab in which was to compare the impulse applied to the cart and the change of momentum of the cart. Our goal was to support with Impulse-Momentum Theory with the results that we collected. To begin, we would need a few additional materials to conduct this lab activity. This lab required the use of both the CBR motion sensor as well as the force censor to record the position of the cart as well as the force of the cart once it collides with the force sensor. In order to use both of these sensors simultaneously, Mr. Patterson introduced a new technology and it was named “lab cradle,” which in basic terms, was a multi-channeled data collector with multiple USB ports, and allowed for the connection of more than one sensor. Once these materials were plugged in and ready to use, we began to run trials by pushing the lab cart across a flat track and starting the sensors at the same time to record data. After running a few trials to obtain decent data, the Ti-Nspire showed two graphs that were Force (N) vs. Time (s) and Position vs. Time

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