Physics : Mechanical Physics Of Heat Experiment

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Title: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Experiment Hypothesis: To verify the relationship between mechanical energy and heat; that is, to find the relationship between energy associated with motion and the energy transfer between objects at different temperatures. Equipment: capped cardboard Aluminum shot Thermometer Ice bath Metal cup Procedure: • Measure out a small beaker of aluminum shots. (The shots should be chilled some before the experiment starts to help minimize error. If this is not done, heat will necessarily be escaping from the system for the entire experiment as the tube is inverted. By chilling the shots first) • Cool the shots to about 3 degrees below room…show more content…
Measure the temperature of the shots, and pour them into the cylinder. Put a stopper on the open end and proceed to the next step immediately. • Invert the shots 150 times to simulate a large fall. Make sure the inversions are 180 degrees, so the shots are not rubbing against the sides. Also make sure the cylinder stays at the same height, and that your arms aren’t dampening the fall of the shots. Do not take a break during the inversions! • Take one stopper off and carefully pour the shots into the paper towels in the beaker. Put the thermometer in and close the paper towels around it. Measure the temperature of the shots immediately. • Repeat the experiment for 200 and for 250 falls. • Measure the distance from the top of the shots resting on the lower stopper, to the bottom of the other stopper. This is the effective fall distance. Data: Initial Temperature Final Temperature Height of Tube C 150 Inverted Shots 19.4 °C 21.8 °C 0.9 m 900 J 200 Inverted Shots 19.9 °C 21.8 °C 0.9 m 900 J 250 Inverted Shots 19.8 °C 22.8 °C 0.9 m 900 J Diagram: Calculations: 1. mcΔΤ = mgh mcΔΤ = mgh (900)( ΔΤ) = (9.8 m/s^2)(150*.9) 900ΔΤ= 1323 900ΔΤ = 1323 ------- ------- 900 900 ΔΤ= 1.47 2. 2. mcΔΤ = mgh mcΔΤ = mgh (900)( ΔΤ) = (9.8 m/s^2)(200*.9) 900ΔΤ= 1764 900ΔΤ = 1764 ------- ------- 900 900 ΔΤ= 1.96 3. 3. mcΔΤ = mgh mcΔΤ = mgh
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