Physics Of Quad Skating

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Skating is a term used loosely; it could mean rollerblading, skateboarding, or quad skating. In my case I am talking about quad skating, the meaning of quad skating really is explanatory, Quad is four wheels and then just put skating at the end of that. There are also many different types of quad skating like, jam skating, roller derby, speed skating, skating for pleasure, of one of my favorites roller hockey, I do all of the above. Quad skates are all different, but usually made with four wheels, a plate, a boot, and a stopper about the size of a crushed soda can. Mine are a little different they include, double wide wheels for more grip, a jump bar for when I do stunts so my plates don’t take the impact fully and break, and lastly a diamond…show more content…
Practice ended and it was about time for the open skate session to start, about 15 minutes into the session the song ‘Welcome to the jungle’ by Guns and Roses came on over the speakers, it’s almost a trigger song for me, like as if something just clicks in my head and I start to get pumped and skate really fast dancing and weaving in and out of people. I started speed skating and usually everyone sees me, so they move out of the way. Except that night there was one person who didn’t, but I knew it was unintentional. I was skating and a little boy fell in front of me, he was probably no older than 8. My reaction time is usually accurate, anyway he had fallen in front of me, and so my first instinct was to jump over him. I jumped successfully, but when I landed I bent my axel from the impact and I fell. Not realizing it, when I got up a pain shot through my right ankle, I had to be escorted off the floor in a wheel chair because I couldn’t skate or walk. The next day I went into urgent care but then they sent me to an actual doctor for an X-ray and CT-scan. Turns out I sprained my ankle and strained a ligament in my foot on impact, they gave me a boot to wear, some pain medicine and sent me home. When I found out that I had done all of that I was more worried about the fact that I couldn’t
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