Physics Of The Field Of Medicine

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The study of physics over the last year has been intriguing and extremely valuable to my education to pursuer a career in the field of medicine. Learning physics in the classroom is one thing, but being able to apply it to everyday scenarios is what has made this course so interesting compared to other various science courses offered at Gonzaga. When I was three years old my parents bought me my first pair of hockey skates and since then hockey has consumed my entire life. Upon receiving this assignment I was enthusiastic about applying knowledge form the classroom into my hockey life. The above picture was taken my sophomore year at Gonzaga at Eagles Ice Arena in Spokane, Washington. I am winding up in preparation to take a slap shot against the Washington State University goal tender (for the record this was a goal too). What I am looking to explore in this picture is the physics behind a hockey shot. I am interested in exploring the force that is needed to accelerate a puck a distance from the blue line to the net. I am also interested in looking at the energy involved in a slap shot as a collision and to determine if the shot results in an elastic collision where kinetic energy is conserved, or an inelastic collision where kinetic energy is not conserved. The concept being looked at is the force of a hockey stick onto a puck and how kinetic energy of a hockey shot is related to collisions. The first thing being looked at will be the force acting on a puck from a slap…
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