Physics Of The Impossible By. Kaku

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The book “Physics of the Impossible” was written by Japanese American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Kaku generally writes books about physics or physics related topics. Among his three New Work Times best seller, Physics of Impossible is one in which Kaku utilizes discourse of theoretical advancements to acquaint themes of basic material science with the reader. In this book, Kaku represents physics in various ways so that the reader understands the significance of physics and implement in his/her life. Kaku makes many references to physics by utilizing popular culture references, especially to books and films, for example, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Flash Gordon, The Fly, The Invisible Man, and more. Kaku utilizes these cases to…show more content…
Kaku is very optimistic with the “Class I impossibilities” because we have technology that can make these impossibilities possible in near future. Let’s take an example regarding the psychokinesis section. Kaku mentioned about the possibility of Radio-enhanced or computer enhanced psychokinesis. Similarly, Kaku mentioned that we are already able to develop a technology to implant computer chips into the brain cells and we will be able to control the computer (Physics of the Impossible 93). This shows that these types of impossibilities are more realistic and more likely to be possible, and some of them are even possible in this century. Let’s consider the Robots, they already exist in the real world. Kaku talks about creating a force field, and this makes sense in practical life as well. If we can defect electrons in a magnetic field why won’t be able to deflect a bullet creating a field that can be able to do it. The US military force has already tested a short gun based “Force Field Technology”. According to the Tech Times, with the help of powerful magnets, the force field used to protect battleships including X-Wing and TIE fighters from the enemies ' laser cannon fires and blasters can be recreated. This shows that the concept of Force Field is not just theoretical, and likely to be practically possible in the year to come to make kaku’s

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