Physics Of The Scientific Method

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1) What are the steps of the scientific method? (4 points)

Observation- The light won’t come on.
Question – Why won’t the light come on?
Hypothesis – The light won’t turn on because the light bulb has burned out.
Prediction - If I replace the light bulb, then the light will work again.
Experiment – Replace the light bulb with a new light bulb and turn on the light.
Predicted result – the new light bulb will work and the light will come on.

2) Explain the difference between science and pseudoscience. (4 points)

Pseudoscience is a method, theory or system that has no scientific basis.

Conversely, science is composed of theories that can be tested and have scientific basis. Science can be discovery based. Observations can be verified and measured. Science can all be tested by formulating an experiment based on a hypothesis. Scientists can ask a question and predict an outcome. To determine if their prediction is right, they can create and execute an experiment that can be duplicated by other scientists. Once the experiment findings are under a consensus, there is a theory that scientists then adopt.

3) List three examples of pseudoscience (other than astrology). Explain in 1-2 sentences why you consider them so. (3 points)

1. Belief in Aliens.
There is no evidence aliens exist. People claim seeing UFO’s and have even taken pictures of them. However, no scientific body has been able to establish the existence of aliens.
2. Belief in Ghosts.

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