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Name: ________________________________________ Period: ____________ Date: _____________ 2D motion Worksheets Section 1 (2D Motion Non-Projectiles) 1. Find the westward component of a resultant vector 85.42 unit, 23º W of N. 2. What is the east component of a vector 12.3 m 10.0 º N of E? 3. Calculate the N component of a resultant 32.5 m/s, 35.0 º E of N. 4. You move 26m at an angle of 40.0º W of S. (a) How far south of your starting point are you? (b) How far west are you? 5. Find the resultant of 55.4 units, W and 69.2 units S? 6. What is the resultant of 1,230 m/s, S and 1,450 m/s, N? 7. If you walk 6.00 m, N and 5.00 m E, what is your final location…show more content…
b. How far does it land from where it was

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