Physics : Science And Volcano Experiment

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1. Topic; science/volcano experiment a. Teams will be investigating a volcano of their choosing, creating a model of the volcano, and writing a one page report on their findings. The team will come together to write a 1-2 page report and create a volcanic model based on the information they’ve gathered. The roles and responsibilities that students will have include the following: (1). Teammate 1 will be a researcher and Praiser. He/she will verbally express appreciation for teammates’ ideas and contributions. research and write down the characteristics of the volcano, for example, the age, country of origin, details regarding the type of volcano (i.e., plateau, caldera, cinder, composite, etc.), details of the activity of the volcano…show more content…
Also, he/she will encourage teammates to do well. 4. Teammate 4 will be the recorder and will do brief research. The student will listen to his/her teammates and record their findings to construct a 1-2 page report. In addition, the student will do brief research to come up with at least 3 interesting facts about the volcano to add to the report. *Note: each teammate needs to explain and incorporate at least three things from their portion of the investigation into the volcanic model. 2. Setting: a. Elementary classroom environment with posted rules and expectations b. Team desks arranged an interior loop where all students can see the teacher c. Team tables will be arranged close enough for team-to-team interaction d. There’s an open space for classbuilding 3. Group involved: Second grade students in heterogeneous groups of four 4. Implementation of the seven keys for success 1. Structures; The structures that will be utilized for this project include Team Projects, Single RoundRobin, Sum-the-Ranks, Number Group Presentation, and Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up. 2. Teams; students will be in heterogeneous teams of four where teammates are of mixed gender, race, ethnicity, and achievement levels. On each team, there will be one high, one low, and two medium achievers. If there are extra students, teams may consist of three or five teammates. 3. Management; There are a number of management skills that will be implemented during this project to ensure that
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