Physics : The Goldberg Machine Lab

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Grace Chen, Maggie Bao, and Olivia Faucera
Core 1 Science

Rube Goldberg Machine Lab

Background Research

GRACE: Energy, simply put, is the ability to work, move, and function. It is the force that causes things to happen as they do, such as an apple falling from a tree, or allowing movement in the human body(Energy- What Is It?, 1994). Energy is a very general term, and can therefore be sorted into many branches of fields; such as chemical energy, nuclear energy, or solar energy. However, the main two types of the force are called potential energy, and kinetic energy(Energy- What Is It?, 1994). Kinetic energy requires movement, while potential energy is stored within an object. In contrast to popular belief, energy is not a substance or object; rather, it refers to the state or condition of a substance/object(What Is Energy?, n.d.). Almost everything, if not everything, in the world possess some form of energy. For example, an average human participating in a race would hold kinetic energy, due to his/her’s mass and speed in relation to the ground. A pencil held in the hand of a young boy would hold potential energy, because of it’s condition of being able to fall when dropped. However, although energy is used many times each day, the used energy is never destroyed or used-up. This is because when energy is used, it is conserved in a way that allows energy molecules to be passed from one form to another; never being destroyed or created once more(What Is…

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