Physics : The Precision And Certainty Of Mathematics And Science

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Name : Mutyampeta Abhishek
Program : MS
Field of Study : MIS
Term : Fall 2016

The precision and certainty of Mathematics and Science always compelled me to spend comparatively more time on those subjects throughout my career. I have always been an avid reader of day to day updates of the scientific world. My interest in Mathematics and Physical sciences prompted me to join in pre-university course with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as core subjects. I was always mesmerized by the computer. My constant thirst for knowledge of how the computer functions and the components of the computer inspired me to multiply the little knowledge I had, with the never ending zeal I possessed at that time, it was a very herculean task for me in the beginning, but as time passed by, the task was made clear.This desire coupled with wisdom gained by then, drove me to opt for undergraduate course in Computer Science and Engineering. While I was pursuing my studies, my interest in Technology subjects kindled me to learn more about it and during my professional career, I have realized the importance of Information Technology and Management. My aspiration to work as Technology Consultant and my urge to garner knowledge on how to best utilize Information Technology in business firms to improve productivity margins and profits by enabling rationale of change in an enterprise

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