Physics for Industries

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Physics attempts to describe the fundamental nature of the universe and how it works, always striving for the simplest explanations common to the most diverse behaviour. For example, physics explains why rainbows have colours, what keeps a satellite in orbit, and what atoms and nuclei are made of. The goal of physics is to explain as many things as possible using as few laws as possible, revealing nature 's underlying simplicity and beauty. Physics has been applied in many industrial fields, which include the air industry, construction industry, automobile industry, manufacturing industry and many others. All these industries apply physics in one way or another. For example a car that moves from one point to another has to
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The fluid moving over the top travels a greater distance than the moving just under the bottom of the wing. Consequently, the fluid moving over the top must travel faster in order to conform to the shape of the wing and still maintain the natural streamline. The shape of the wing also crowds the streamlines together above the wing, just as in the case of a constructing pipe. The result is that of the region immediately above the wing. Because the downward force on the top of the wing is less than the upward force on the bottom, a net upward force, or lift, arises from the airflow. (Beyond the airfoil the flowing air has a downward component of velocity. By Newton 's third law, the reaction force to the net downward force exerted on the air is the lift.) For lift to occur, a flow of air is required relative to the wing. The lift occurs equally well for a wing moving through stationary air or for moving past a stationary wing.

In general, as the flow of air past the wing increases, both the lift force and the drag force (the resistance to forward motion) increases. According to Breithaipt (2000), aircraft wings are designed so that pilots can change the wing shape during flight, producing greater lift for the slower speeds of takeoff and landing and producing less drag at cruising extended
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