Physics in Aircrafts Essay

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Physics in Aircrafts All you need to know about the role physics plays in the flight of an aircraft.

Many people are amazed with the flight of an object, especially one the size of an airplane, but they do not realize how much physics plays a role in this amazing incident. There are many different ways in which physics aids the flight of an aircraft. In the following few paragraphs some of the many ways will be described so that you, the reader, will realize physics at work in the world of flight.
Principles of Flight
First of all you will have to understand the principles of flight. An airplane flies because air moving over and under its surfaces, particularly its wings, travels at different velocities, producing a
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This principle also covers the flow over surfaces, such as airplane wings. Airplane wings are designed to direct air to flow more rapidly over its upper surface than over its lower surface. As a result, the air above the wing travels at an increased speed, producing a region of reduced pressure. The pressure below the wing, which is therefore greater, exerts an upward force, or lift, on the wing.
Lift is the third factor in which physics aids the flight of an aircraft. Lift is influenced by a variety of different things, such as area, tilt of the wing, and on the speed of the aircraft. Wing area influences lift; the more of the wing that is exposed to the air, the greater the lift. The up or down tilt of the wing, usually called its angle of attack, contributes to or detracts from lift. As a wing is tilted upward, that is, as its angle of attack is increased, its lift increases. The air passing over the top of an uptilted wing must travel a greater distance and thus produces a greater pressure differential between the upper and lower surfaces. Airplane speed has a great influence on lift. The faster the air moves over and under the surfaces of an airplane, the greater the pressure differential and, as a result, the greater the lift. As an airplane flies on a level course, the lift contributed by the wing and other parts of the structure counterbalance the weight of the plane. Within certain limits, if the angle of attack is

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