Essay about Physics of the Electric Guitar and Amp

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A guitar is an instrument made out of wood or other wood like materials. Many things could affect the instrument's qualities, such as the types of lacquer used or what kind of strings are used. The guitar amp is an instrument in itself just as a guitar, not all amps are created equally. An amplifier allows the guitarist to express his playing to the world. Some amplifiers are made using really simple vacuum tube circuits, and others are made from really complex solid state circuitry. Not any two similar guitars will sound alike, just as how any two similar people are not exactly identical. Amps are very similar in context; no two similar amps will sound exactly alike. The electric guitar is a very simple instrument. It is just a nice…show more content…
Nearly 47kg of tension is a lot for a little wooden neck. It is important to have an adjustable truss rod in a guitar neck. Guitar players like the late Stevie Ray Vaughan used really heavy string gauges (.013"-.056") which created so much tension, he had to tune his guitar down a half step (in order of 1st to 6th string: E-flat, B-flat, G-flat, D-Flat, A-Flat, and E-Flat) just to bend the strings much easier. An electric guitar cannot be heard very well without an amp. Most amps will have equalization knobs such as bass, midrange, and treble, this amp only has volume and tone. Vacuum tubes are becoming very obsolete and not very practical since the modern transistor could be used to amplify a signal. The disadvantage to a transistor based amplifier is that they sharply clip when the signal is pushed too far and creates distortion, which could wear out a speaker rather quickly. Vacuum tube amps are used worldwide on countless stages. These two vacuum tubes are readily available to buy. They are very expensive compared to a transistor to the same specification. The tube on the left is called a preamp tube, it helps amplify the weak signal coming from the guitar; these tubes cost in the range of $10 to $25. This tube only pushes the signal up to two watts. This is where another amplifier stage is needed. The tube on the right is called a power-amp tube and

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