Physioex 8 Exercise 7

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Respiratory Volumes
Activity 2: Measuring Normal Respiratory Volumes

1. Minute respiratory volume: 7,500 ml
2. Judging from the trace you generated, each inspiration took place over how many seconds? 2 Seconds
3. Each expiration took place over how many seconds? 2 seconds
4. Does the duration of inspiration or expiration vary when you tested/measured the ERV or FVC? Yes

Activity 3: Effect of Restricted Air Flow on Respiratory Volumes

1. How does this set of data compare to the data you recorded for Activity 2? The MRV is 3075 and the breathing is not as strong.
2. Is the respiratory system functioning better or worse than it did in the previous activity? Explain why. The breathing is more shallow and incomplete. The
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When normal breathing resumed tidal volume increased, which lead to an increase in total air flow.

Activity 9: Comparative Spirometry

1. What do you think is the clinical importance of the FVC and FEV1 values? FVC measures the amount of gases expelled when a subject takes a deep breath, then exhales maximally. While FEV1 determines the amount of air expelled during the first second. Why do you think the ratio of these two values is important to the clinician when diagnosing lung disease? Because it is a determining factor as to whether the patient has healthy lungs, pulmonary disease, or restrictive disease.
2. In “Normal Breathing”, FEV1/FVC x 100% = 80%
3. In “Emphysema Breathing”, is the FVC reduced or increased? Reduced Is the FEV1 increased or decreased? Reduced Which of these changed more? FEV1
4. In “Acute Asthma Attack Breathing”, is the FVC reduced or increased? Reduced Is the FEV1 reduced or increased? Reduced Which of these is changed more? FEV1 Why did the lung volumes and/or capacities change in the spirogram for this condition? Because the bronchiole smooth muscle will spasm and the airway become constricted.
5. In “Acute Asthma Attack Breathing with Inhaler Medication Applied”, has the FVC reduced or increased or is it normal? Normal Has the FEV1 reduced or increased or is it normal? Normal Why did the medicine make the volumes or capacities change? Because it atomizes the medication and allows direct application on the afflicted
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