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EXERCISE 7: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM MECHANICS ACTIVITY 1: Measuring Respiratory Volumes and Calculating Capacities | Answers | 1. Which of the following processes does not occur during inspiration? a. The diaphragm moves to a flattened position. b. Gas pressure inside the lungs is lowered. c. Inspiratory muscles relax. d. The size of the thoracic cavity increases. | C-Inspiratory muscles relax. | 1. During normal quiet breathing, about ______ ml of air moves into and out of the lungs with each breath. a. 300 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 | B-500 | 1. True or False: At the beginning of expiration, the air pressure of the atmosphere decreases so that air can flow from the lungs outward. | TRUE |…show more content…
| ACTIVITY 2: Comparative Spirometry | 1. Which of these volumes or capacities of the lungs changed the most in the patient with emphysema? a. TV b. IRV c. FVC d. FEV1 | D-FEV1 | 1. In the patient having an acute asthma attack, the FEV1% decreased to _____ %. | 40% | 1. Which of these volumes or capacities changed the most in the person doing the heavy aerobic exercise? a. TV b. ERV c. FVC d. TLC | A-TV | 1. What happened to the RV for both the emphysema patient and the asthma patient (before inhaled medication)? a. It decreased for both patients. b. It increased for the emphysema patient and decreased for the asthma patient. c. It remained unchanged for both patients. d. It increased for both patients. | D-It increased for both patients | 1. What lung values changed (from those of the normal patient) in the spirogram when the patient with emphysema was selected? Why did these values change as they did? | The values that change for the patient with emphysema are ERV, IRV, RV, FVC, FEV1 and the FEV1 (%). These changes are due to the loss of elastic recoil in the lung tissue and a noticeable, exhausting muscular effort is required for expiration. Inspiration becomes easier because the lungs are more compliant. | 1. Which of these two values changed more for the patient with emphysema, the FVC or the FEV1? | FVC changed by 1750ml and FEV1 changed

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