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EXERCISE 9: RENAL SYSTEM PHYSIOLOGYHere is 9 got 95% Still need help on final 132 | ACTIVITY 1: The Effect of Arteriole Radius on Glomerular Filtration Answers 1. According to your lab manual, in humans the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) ranges from _____ to _____ ml/minute. 80 140 2. When the radii of both the afferent arteriole and efferent arteriole were set at 0.45mm, the GFR was approximately ______ ml/minute. a. 40 b. 60 c. 80 d. 120 C. 3. True or False: Drinking a lot of caffeine (coffee or cola) leads to an increased urine volume. This might result from a decrease in the radius of the efferent arteriole. True 4. What are two primary functions of the kidney? Excretion-filters…show more content…
The increase of blood pressure can increase blood volume and the increase of urine volume will help to stabilize blood volume. 17. When the one-way valve between the collecting duct and the urinary bladder was closed, what happened to the filtrate pressure in Bowman's capsule (was not directly measured) and the GFR? The filtrate pressure and GFR increased. 18. How did increasing the systemic blood pressure alter the results when the valve was closed? Increase in blood pressure can be increase in blood volume. An increase in urine volume can stabilize blood volume. Increase of pressure caused GFR to increase. ACTIVITY 3: Renal Response to Altered Blood Pressure 19. True or False: The renal system (the kidneys) is very important in regulating plasma osmolarity, plasma volume, and the body's electrolyte balance. True 20. In this simulation, when the radius of the afferent arteriole was 0.60mm, the radius of the efferent arteriole was 0.45mm, and the beaker pressure was 70mmHg, the GFR was approximately _______ mm/min. 114.72 21. When the radius of the afferent arteriole was 0.60mm, the radius of the efferent arteriole was 0.35mm, and the beaker pressure was 70mmHg, the urine volume changed to approximately ______ ml. a. 50 b. 80 c. 200 d. 240 D 22. List the several “mechanisms” you have explored that change the GFR. How does each of them specifically

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