Physiologic Value of Food

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Organic compounds * Protein * Lipids * Carbohydrates * Vitamins
Inorganic elements * Water * Minerals
Vit & min * Act as a catalysts which prompt the 3 major nutrients –carbohydrates , protein,fats
* “Metabolismos”-to change or alter * Chemical process of transforming foods into complex tissue elements and of transforming complex body substance into simpler ones, along with the production of heat energy * Is the totality of the chemical processes in the body in which substance are change in other substance to sustain life.
* I the force of power that enables the body to do its work * Chemical energy locked in foodstuffs by reason of the chemical process.
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CELLULOSE * Forms from framework of plants * Unrefined grains, vegatables,fruits * Non digestible by humans-bec digestive enzymes are unable to break then down * Provides bulk in diet that helps moves digestive food mass along and stimulates peristalsis * Main sources:stems and leaves of vegetables ,seesds,grain coverings,hulls * Lower blood glucose of people with diabetes Mellitus.
c.1 soluble -found in fruits,legumes,barley,oats -helps delay GI transit, delay glucose absorption and lower blood cholesterol
c.2 insoluble -wheat bran ,corn bran, whole grain breads,ceral, vegetables -accelerates GI transit, increase fecal weight.slow down starch hydrolysis and delay glucose absorption
d. PECTINS * Non digestible, colloidal polysaccharide * Having gel quality * Fruits and uses as base for jellies * Used to treat diarrhea bec it absorbs toxins and bacterias sa intestine
e.GLYCOGEN/animal starch * Formed from glucose and stored in liver and muscle tissue * Meat and sea foods * Converted to glucose upon digestion w/ the help of the hormone GLUCAGONS
1. Enzyme-AMYLASE(enzyme of salive from parotid glands acts on STARCH to breakdown it into DEXTRINS & MALTOSE
No enzyme
Action-pyalin may continue to a minor degree
Small Intestine 1. Pancreatic enzyme-AMYLOPSIN-converts STARCH to DEXTRINS & MALTOSE 2.
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