Essay on Physiological Disorders

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Physiological disorders: In this assignment I am going to describe two physiological disorder in details, the details that I am going to go into is what the disorder is, signs and symptoms, cause of the disorder, physiological changes as a result of treatment and the factors influencing the development of the disorder, explain the signs and symptoms related to two named physiological disorders, describe the investigations that care carried out to enable the diagnosis of these physiological disorders and assess possible difficulties involved in the diagnosis of the disorders from their signs and symptoms. P1 The two physiological disorders that I am going to talk about are Diabetes and Asthma. Diabetes: What is diabetes?…show more content…
In type 1 is risks will mostly be if it’s genetically. In the family, if anyone that has type 1 diabetes it could be a parent or sibling. Genetics, when checked through clinical trials to see if someone who has a family history of the type. Geography, people living in different places might be affected with diabetes more than someone living in London. Viral experience may trigger the virus if the cells are infected. Low vitamin D levels, like when early drinking of cow’s milk because that’s the common foundation of vitamin D. Other dietary factors like Omega 3 fatty acids offer protection against type 1 diabetes. In type 2 the risks are more to do with obesity and looking after yourself physically and mentally, the older you get you might become obese, lack of exercise not being active and being lazy and overweight. Your diet, when you’re eating unhealthy food all the time. Any family history where you cannot do much about your genetic history but you have been aware and you are ready. As you get older it seems to find you, as you age type 2 diabetes develop as the pancreas pumps less insulin and high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the two major symptoms of pre diabetes. Asthma: What is asthma? Asthma is a very common circumstance where the airways happen to irritated and inflamed, this causes the airway to become more narrower than normal and
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