Physiology : Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer

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Aram Bebekyan
Physiology 01 Mon/Weds.
Physical Activity In Relation to Cancer
The fever, aches, pains, weakness and the feeling of death nearby comes by as one never expects it, and this is called cancer. It has become an epidemic as statistics show an increase of deaths from this horrible disease throughout the years. There are many organizations that support the development of new treatments and strategies to decrease these numbers. Although, this battle has been going on for a long time, there is one thing that always has shown to benefit people. As we take a look through medical/scientific research, we can understand the relation between physical activity and cancer. When somebody is diagnosed with cancer, they usually get the options of different treatments. Depending on the severity, location of the abnormal cell growth, and other factors, the option varies with each individual. There are the options of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy among others. states that there are possible side effects from treatment including fatigue, endocrine changes, increase in blood glucose levels and many more. As a result, many doctors after treatment will tell you to let your body rest. However, there are recent researches showing the benefits of physical activity in relation to cancer. One of the biggest symptoms one will see in a cancer patient is weight loss, muscle loss, fatigue, and appetite loss. In medical terms, this is what is known…

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