Physiotherapy Outcome Measures Essay

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Outcome measures are used in all physiotherapy areas not only in research, but also in clinical practice. Therefore, reproducibility studies are needed to assess the repeatability or consistency of these measurements. The aim of this experiment is to examine the test retest repeatability by one practitioner for an outcome measure in physiotherapy. Seventeen subjects were recruited to participate in this experiment. Three separate readings were taken for each subject on each day on two different occasions. The results showed that there was an excellent repeatability within a day and between days with an intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) of 0.98 and 0.92 respectively. The 95% confidence interval of the difference of value between…show more content…
Thus, the aim of this study is to investigate the absolute and relative intra-rater test retest reliability of a new outcome measure and to test the hypothesis of no difference between test occasions. The study was carried out at Cardiff University. Methods Seventeen subjects were invited to participate in this study. Every subject underwent three measurements on each visit on two different occasions. First of all, data were exported from Microsoft Excel format to SPSS software with the SPSS Student Version 16. The code 99 was used to represent the missing data. Also, the decimal places were increased from 0 to 2 to specify the number of decimals to apply for each numeric variable (Field 2009). As recommended in most of the studies, descriptive statistics (mean± standard deviation (SD)) were calculated for the difference between readings to identify any inconsistencies there may have been in the data (Ntoumanis, 2005). The calculation of 95% confidence interval for the difference between two trials (visit1 score2 and visit1 score3) to provide an estimate how small (lower limit) or large (upper limit) the true systemic bias in the subjects (Portney and Watkins 2009). An error bar graph was used to illustrate the mean range of each score of the first visit falling within the confidence limit (Field, 2009). Repeated
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