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The area of a circle is one of the first formulas that you learn as a young math student. It is simply taught as, . There is no explanation as to why the area of a circle is this arbitrary formula. As it turns out the area of a circle is not an easy task to figure out by your self. Early mathematicians knew that area was, in general to four sided polygons, length times width. But a circle was different, it could not be simply divided into length and width for it had no sides. As it turns out, finding the measurement to be squared was not difficult as it was the radius of the circle. There was another aspect of the circle though that has led one of the greatest mathematical voyages ever launched, the search of Pi.
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The Babylonians also played an early hand at the area of a circle but it wasn’t known until 1936 when a Babylonian tablet was unearthed. It states that a ratio of the perimeter of a hexagon to the circumference of a circumscribed circle equals in modern terms (the Babylonians used a numerical system that was base 60 and not base 10 as we use today). One of the reasons they chose the hexagon was because the perimeter of a hexagon is exactly equal to six times the radius of the circumscribed circle. This is . Since the definition of Pi is the circumference divided by Diameter, we come to . Therefore, the equation in turn gives us or . This is just under the true value of Pi.
Most early estimates for Pi were no more exact than saying that Pi was greater than but less than . Most of the methods for solving for the area of a Circle are also unknown as to how they were derived. Many scholars deduce that early estimators of the circle were able to find their measurements by a ways of rearranging. For example, if you have a rectangle, and you cut off a triangle from one end of the rectangle then reattach it to the opposite side in which the triangle came from, then you now have a parallelogram of equal area to which the rectangle had before. Applying this type of thinking to a circle, we must first cut a circle into four equal parts. Placing the parts side by side so that their flat side lay against each other and the round outer edges face the

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