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Not all literature that consists of an adventure brands the protagonist as a hero; however, Yann Martell’s Life of Picontains many patterns of a monomyth quest. The Heroic Monomyth, also known as the hero’s journey, explains the common stages of a quest in many classic stories. The novel is split into three sections, each with a specific purpose. The first section introduces the readers to the protagonist, while the second section is the actual journey he partook in. The final section is the ambiguous conclusion, leaving the reader questioning the story. Following Piscine Molitor Patel’s endeavor, many of his heroic qualities are exposed. Due to his innovative thoughts and curiosity towards religion, his developed skills, and the quest…show more content…
Pi’s acquisitions assist his change to suit the circumstances, a change that some heroes must make, and extends his survival. These significant changes and acquired skills constitute Pi’s heroic status.

Life of Pi follows many patterns of a monomyth quest. Pi Patel’s family is moving to Toronto, and Pi refuses his Call to Adventure, as he does not want to leave. Following The Crossing of the First Threshold and the Belly of the Whale, Pi gains a Supernatural Aid: an adult Bengal tiger. “Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive” (Yan 316). There are many instances in which Pi states that he would not be able to contain his loneliness if Richard Parker, the tiger, was not there with him. A large majority of Pi’s adventure consists of The Road of Trials, as each day, if not each hour, is an ordeal. Pi’s incessant Atonement with the Father is rather Pi confronting his true beliefs with God. The Ultimate Boon, being the moment that Pi arrives on the shores of Mexico is followed instantly by the Apotheosis when Richard Parker runs off into the wild. Life of Pi also features many monomyth patterns about the return, such as Rescue from Without, Pi’s need of assistance before he could lead a regular life, The Crossing of the Return Threshold, Pi’s attempt to retell his story to the members of the Japanese Ministry of Transport, and Master of Two Worlds, which is portrayed in the first section of novel, when

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