Pia (Pakistan International Airline)

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Executive Summary
Pakistan International Airline Corporation (PIAC), commonly known as PIA, is the National Airline of Pakistan. PIAC is one of the largest semis-governmental organizations of Pakistan operating since 1954.
Airline industry is contributing its part to modern world of 21st century by providing fast, safe and reliable means of travelling. The airline industry is facing financial crisis throughout the world. Airlines are working hard to maintain their status quo.
PIA has been one of the best airlines in the world. But today it is facing hard time, both administratively and financially.
This report is on HR discrepancy in PIA. As PIA is facing financial crisis, so we are
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In March 1960, PIA wet-leased a Boeing 707 from Pan American airlines, thereby becoming the first Asian airline to induct a jet-aircraft in its fleet. With the newly acquired aircraft, the airline introduced its first trans-Atlantic route Karachi-New York JFK in 1961. In 1962, it expanded its fleet by placing orders for Boeing 720s, Fokker F27s, and Sikorsky helicopters. In the same year, one of PIA's Boeing 720s made a world record for the shortest duration non-stop flight ( 6 hours 43 minutes and 51 seconds) from London to Karachi, a record which still holds to this day. The Boeing 720 was on its maiden flight when it flew from Seattle-London-Karachi by PIA's senior Captain Abdullah Baig. From 1962 to 1966, PIA operated only its Sikorsky S-61 helicopters for services related to East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh) due to some technical difficulties. The normal operations on these routes resumed in 1966 when conditions improved. Upon the establishment of ties between Pakistan Government and People's Republic of China, PIA started flying to Beijing in 1964, becoming the first airline of a non-communist country flying to the People's Republic of China. At the outbreak of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the Pakistani Armed Forces seek PIA's services for logistics and transport purposes. The Viscounts were phased out in 1966 and were replaced by 4 Hawker Siddeley Tridents. These aircraft were
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