Piaget And Piaget Similarities

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The human brain has always been a subject of great interest to psychologists and researches. Over the years, many theorists have developed different models and approaches on how the mind works and what happens behind the scene when learning occurs. Scientifically speaking, learning theorists have been concerned about areas of ’psychology of learning which emphasizes human cognition or intelligence as a special endowment enabling man to form hypotheses and develop intellectually" in other words cognitivism which is also known as cognitive development (, 2011). Therefore, cognitive development is concerned about how learning, problem solving and memory works along with ‘how cultural differences affect the way we view our own academic achievements, language development, and much more’ (Feldman, 2010). Two famous influential theorists of cognitivism are Jean Piaget (1896-1980) and Jerome Bruner (1915-2016). They both consider how cognitive development takes place at different stages but their theories are also fundamentally different.

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For instance, they both considers that cognitive development takes place though stages with Piaget through 4 distinct stages and Bruner through 3 different modes. In their representations, they both acknowledge cognitive development from the children state with in mind their predisposition capacity to learn. Similarly, they both agreed that the child is a key contributor in the learning process with a great sense of curiosity and have an active participation in the cognitive growth. The use of visual images and symbols are equally important to both theories in the process of knowledge acquisition. In teaching, both theorist will agree that the teacher act as a facilitator and guide and should adapt to the need of the learner at different development
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