Piaget And Vygotsky Influence On Child Development

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Have you ever wondered exactly how infants perceive the world around them?. Children

are already learning at birth, and they build up and learn at a rapid pace in their early years when

the environment, livelihoods, and relationships they experience have profound effects. (Allen,

2015, p. 1) Their growth is not just, speedy but also growing. Children's health, development,

and early learning provide a groundwork on which later learning—and lifelong progress—is

built. This essay will discuss influences on human development and learn across the lifespan and

its domains such as physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language and relate these domains

to Piaget and Vygotsky theories.

Jean Piaget was an influential experimenter
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Thinking now is faster, more flexible and efficient, and more socially shared. Thinking is

restricted by egocentrism, an emphasis on perceptual states, depend on appearances as opposed

to fundamental substances, and inflexibility (lack of reversibility) (Flavell, Miller, 2002). The

younger children do not have the abilities to do problem solving, mental actions that observe

logical rules rather, their reasoning is inflexible, restricted to one part of a circumstance at any

given moment, and emphatically impacted by the way things show up right now (Berk, 1999).

How about the culture? How does a child influence by culture? With the emergence of

globalization and the growth in multicultural nations, it has become imperative to study the link

between child development and culture. Culture broadly refers to a group's shared attitudes,

traditions, beliefs and practices that are transmitted across generations. Cultures are shaped

children's experiences, and cross-cultural work attempts to study the processes by which these

influences occur. (Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, 2012). Parent’s action is an

important part in determining the child's growth. Were you ever curious why you behave the way

you do? Why did you turn out the way you did? There are many elements that affect a child's

growth. One is the attachment of the child received during infancy, whether the minor through a

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