Piaget Critical Thinking

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1. Creative necessities not only incorporates interest and individuality, but also the need take on difficult assignments. Evaluation, rewards, competition, and constraints may decrease the level of creativity. They can also decrease motivation while completing a task solely because of expectations, and the end state.
2. Cognition is the technique by which individuals assimilate and coordinate information, while intelligence is both the absorption of learning and additionally the capacity to apply such information. Cognition is the mind based abilities and mental procedures expected to complete a task, and intelligence can be enhanced by studies comprehension and learning.
3. Shame involves feelings about oneself, and guilt depends upon empathy
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Robert Sternberg viewed intelligence from three perspectives: analytic, creative and practical. Theorist Daniel Goleman viewed intelligence from a moral and ethical perspective.
5. Schema, disequilibrium, assimilation, and accommodation all work together to describe the four stages in Piaget’s theory. The loss or lack of stability in disequilibrium can describe the sensorimotor stage while; the process of adapting to an environment in assimilation can be used to understand the pre-operational stage.
6. A poor IQ test can restrict ones aspirations because of the score that they are marked with. Testing may also restrict individuals' comprehension of knowledge, and are not generally precise while anticipating achievement.
7. Kohlberg’s two stages of the conventional level are pre-conventional mortality and conventional morality. They describe the inability to recognize their view of what others think about them and what individuals really think as a general rule. Children tend to concentrate for the most part on self-observations.
8. David Elkinds’ egocentric state describes the inability to distinguish between perception of what others think, and what people actually think in reality. Adolescents tend to focus mostly on their own
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