Piaget Of The Child : Theories Of Development Essay

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In the “Study of the Child: Theories of Development I” (Learning Seed, 1997), according to Vygotsky, the cognitive development in children is in direct relationship, and dependent on interaction with others. (Feldman 2010, pg. 20). Vygotsky believed to truly understand cognitive development; a child’s social and cultural experiences must be considered. Piaget believes theorists that focus on the mind are called cognitive theorists. Piaget was most interested in how children think. Piaget describes stages of cognitive development stages that occur in succession always in the same order from the reflexive movements of very youthful infants to the trial-and-error approach for adolescent children, to the thought-out reasoning of the early adolescent (Jean Piaget, 1896-1980). Erik Erikson believed behavior as more related to feelings than mind. He stated that “feelings are the major focus of people who follow the psychoanalytical theory of development"(Erikson 1902-1994). Erik Erikson was a student to Sigmund Freud, and the concerned were with what 's hidden deep in the psyche and in the inner recesses of the heart. Erikson though he focused on feelings in psychoanalytic tradition also believed in the effect of culture on development. Lev Vygotsky believed that children imitate their parents. The example he used was spanking, which can cause more problems than it solves. Hitting children who hit cause them to hit more not less according to social learning theory. Mind,
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