Piaget Theory

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Piaget’s Theory Cognitive Development Process
From a baby to an adult, the mental of human are changing continuously due to the demographic (age, gender, and education) and environmental factor (family influence and society influence). There are many types of cognitive development theory that use to prove the human’s mental stages of changing. In cognitive development theory, the theory that is focused on is Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Piaget’s theory, which is the children cognitive development, is through four single stages for testing all children commonly. This is used to recognize the ways of development factors that affect children’s grief. Before developing the children cognitively, Piaget uses three common ways to
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This concept grows completely when the child is capable to recognize the object mentally without its present (Wood et al., 2006). This development brings the Piaget’s theory to the second stage.
Next is the preoperational stage which is the most important stage in cognitive development process. In this stage, the children learn everything from the natural phenomena such as language and behavior. This stage is allowed them to start the symbolic thinking. For example, when a box is pushed in front the children, they imagine the box as a moving car. Then, they make the car sound when they think that is a car. Besides, children in this stage start to work with the problem solving tasks just like the ways to get the thing at cupboard and ways to wear shirt. Ojose (2008) mentioned that “children’s perceptions in this stage are generally restricted to one aspect or dimension of an object at the expense of the other aspects” (p. 27). For instance, when one 500ml bottle is filled with water fully and one 1500ml bottle is filled with ¼ of water, the children think that the 500ml bottle is more water than the 1500ml bottle. That is because the children can only differentiate the dimension and the height as they do not know the amount of the water inside the bottle. When teaching the child in this stage, the adults act intelligently. They give an effective question about the characteristic object for developing their cognitive. For example, mother, who teaches
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