Piaget Toy Project

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Piaget’s Toy Experiment: What is safe for our children? Bergen Community College Abstract Piaget believed everyone had to go through each stage of development. Although some kids may show characteristics of more than one stage at a time, he was certain that cognitive development always followed the sequence of the stages, stages cannot be skipped, and each stage is marked by new intellectual abilities and more complex understandings of the world. With this experiment I will prove how each toy can improve, or dismantle each stage for children. While in the toy store I watched how kids were interacting with one another, and how they handled some of the toys. Having, a niece, nephew, and Godson who are infants it was easier to find…show more content…
Egocentric thinking- a child believes you see and know what they know. They do not see other people’s side of view. Ex: if I have two sided picture and I ask a child what he sees, he will tell me, NOW if I ask him what I see he is going to expect that I am seeing the same picture as him. They have the ability to classify objects by single features such as shapes with shapes, and color with color. Memory and imagination is developed during this stage. Children engage in make believe understand and express relationship between past and future. Mega Blok Barbie Fab Marina Price: $44.99 Product Description Barbie and Ken can jump on their jet skis for a fun water adventure or sit back and enjoy the cool water breeze in the summer sun with the Glam Vacation Series Fab Marina from Mega Bloks Barbie. Build Barbie 's glamtastic Marina and enjoy the summer out on the water alone or with friends. Barbie and Ken can jump on their cool jet skis and zoom out for a fun time on the water, have an awesome party on the floating patio while buying a hot dog or ice cream, or quietly watch luxurious yachts come into port on the lavish observational deck. Features: Buildable two-story Marina and two jet skis Many fun and highly detailed accessories such as a barbecue, ice cream freezer, store rack, patio tables, lounge chair, observation deck chairs, glasses, hot dogs, bushes and flowers More sparkling
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