Piaget 's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Piaget’s theory of cognitive development consists of four stages, these stages include the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational stage, and the formal operational stage. When a person transitions from stage to stage they go through assimilation, accommodation, and equilibrium. The first stage, the sensorimotor stage, takes place from birth to two years. Piaget divided this stage into six substages. As an infant, I was always hungry. I was bottle fed, so I had to develop a simple reflexive behavior, such as sucking the nipple of the bottle. Simple reflexes refer to the first month after a child is born. At around two or three months old I experienced a primary…show more content…
The first substage occurs between the ages of two to four. As a child, I often played with tea sets and my friends and I would have little tea parties. When the glasses of the tea sets would touch and make a sound, we would say the glasses were hitting each other. This represents animism, because glasses are inanimate objects that cannot actually hit each other. The second substage begins at the age of four and ends at the age of seven. When I was this age, my favorite word was why, I would always ask questions. I had to know why things happened when they did. For example, when I first saw an ambulance drive by, I asked why there were sirens going off on the car. Our car obviously didn’t have sirens when we drove, so I wanted to know why that ambulance made noise. This represented intuitive thought, because I showed interest in reasoning in why the ambulance was different from our car. The third stage is the concrete operational stage, which lasts from seven to eleven years of age. In this stage, children begin to reason when the logical reasoning can be applied to concrete examples. An example of this for me was when I would eat candy with my friends, we all wanted the same amount so everything would be fair. According to Piaget, if we could decipher the amounts correctly even if the candy pieces were different shaped, we would be successful at completing concrete
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