Piaget’S Cognitive Developmental Theory States That Children

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Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory states that children go through four stages of cognitive development as they actively construct their understanding of the world. Stage one of this theory, or the sensorimotor stage, infants of the age newborn through two years construct an understanding of the world by sensory skills (hearing and seeing) with physical actions. This for example could be a simple game of peak-a-boo. Skye, the infant in the video clip, giggles at his mother playing the game. According to Piaget’s theory, young infants do not know what happens when object go out of sight. During the first year, infants learn that objects have life of their own, even when not visible. This is known as object permanence. Mya knew to look…show more content…
When asking the child which has more, she counted and stated that they were the same. When spreading out the quarters in only one row, making it look like there was more in it than the other, the child states as observed; the row with the more spread out quarters has more. This is because one row was longer than the other. The final experiment consisted of Graham crackers. The young girl was handed one cracker while the adult had two. The girl did not think it was very fair for the adult to have more. When her cracker was cut in half, she instantly believed she had the same amount and was content. These experiences were an excellent example of this stage. It would take an older child to realize it was the same amounts. Children in this experiment was going by what they saw.

During stage three, or the concrete operational stage, children can now reason logically about concrete events and classify objects into different sets. This stage consists of children who are older in age. These children are between the ages of seven and eleven. Concrete operational thinkers though cannot image the steps needed to complete a math equation. This is because it would require a level of thinking that is too nonconcrete for this stage of development. An example of this stage uses the same experiment in stage two with the liquids, which I believe is easy to understand because it is already been experimented with just at a
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