Piagetian and the 3-6 Year Montessori Child

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Child Development Instructor: Catherine Dwyer Report and Reflection on Piagetian Tasks Abstract

Marni Kaplan-Earle NEMTEC 2010

“I have some works here, with which I need some help. Would you like to help me?” My invitation to Max, Sophie, Christian and Kate accepted, I proceeded to share, challenge, interview, and observe. The tasks I presented illustrated the phenomena of cognitive development in early childhood, the stage Jean Piaget calls preoperational. While Piaget refers to his developmental theory in “stages” he does not feel that the stages happen at specific times but that they are sequential and one depends on the previous. The distinguishing characteristics of the preoperational stage stand as barriers to logic and the
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•Sophie could not generalize about the shape or amount of the batting at all, even when offered further suppositions with which to work. Information about the length and thickness of the batting were not enough to draw her attention away from the fuzziness of the material. This is an example of centration in that the child can only see the shape, which eclipses the reality that the amount was not changed by being put in and out of the pillowcase. She could not grasp conservation at any point in the task. “They are too fuzzy to fit in the pillow. It will just explode. How will you get it in there?” •While Max did decide that the amounts were equal before being put in the pillowcases, he did felt the amounts had been changed by being put in and out of the pillowcase. He perceived that the amount was not conserved after the equal pieces were cut. His thought process saw more pieces and for him that meant more batting and a fluffier pillow. “It is all crinkly. They are not the same amount now. What’s inside the pillow now?” “The pillow with the lots of fluff is bigger” •Christian saw the same amount before and after being put in and out of the pillowcases. When it came time to decide if the multiple pieces and whole piece

were the same inside the pillowcase, he could not perceive the conserved amounts and replied that the pillow with three pieces of batting was fluffier than the pillow with one equivalent piece. “I would want that pillow at

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