Piaget's Cognitive Analysis

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One of the most prominent, and at least foundational, theorists of the cognitive development of children was Piaget who posited that children progress through 4 stages and that they all do so in the same order. The four stages that Piaget posited are: The Sensorimotor Period (birth to 2 years) Piaget claims that during theinitial Sensorimotor period a child's cognitive system is prominently limited to motor reflexes, which in turn is built apron to develop more sophisticated procedures. They learn to expand their activities to a variety situations ultimately increasing them via lengthy chains of behaviour. It is here that children begin to understand object permanence and construct their view of reality this is important as it is the foundation…show more content…
In this stage children will start to solidify their world view taking in viewpoints from others they agree with. Although they can understand concrete problems educationally, Piaget argues that they are unable to perform on abstract problems this means their educational work needs to have simple instructions that can be easily deciphered. Formal Operations (11/12 to adult) Children who are in the formal operation stage of developmenthave the ability to think logically and abstractly meaning then can tackle higher level problems. They can also reason in the theoretical sense letting them comprehend matters from an outside environment. According toPiaget this the ultimate stage of development, it enables them to grasp foreign concepts as long although they will still need to revise their knowledge base from previously learnt material. Piaget claims that this way of thinking was as powerful as it would get and can be improved via practicing and continuing the
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