Piaget's Concrete-Operational Stages Essay

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• Demonstrate the distinguishing characteristics of thought during Piaget’s concrete-operational and formal-operational stages

In Piagets’ theory of development, the concrete operational stage is the third of four. This is when a child’s mind, between the ages of seven to eleven, enables to think of logical reasons and would be able to organize their thoughts consistently. As their physical experiences increases, they will start to logically create structures that would explain these experiences. They would be able to solve abstract problems, for example calculations with objects and numbers. The formal-operation stage is the last of them and occurs between the ages of eleven to fifteen. The cognitive structure at this point has developed
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The concept of intelligence is to measure a person’s IQ through by processing intelligence tests and questioning different subjects. I believe that these IQ tests are valuable in the sense of it can provide and inform us as individuals the differences we contain, the specific skills we can develop to achieve greater things, helping us understand the human intelligence and get the understanding on how anxiety may influence the cognitive functioning.

Highlight the characteristics of gifted and creative children
A. High sensitivity
B. Excessive amounts of energy.
C. Bores easily and may appear to have a short attention span.
D. Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him/her.
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Different forms of learning disability including ADHD

Dyslexia, which is a language based disability where an individual has trouble understanding words, sentences or paragraphs.
Dyscalculia is a long-term learning disability that has an influenced on the ability to understand and solve any numerical concepts.
Dysgraphia is a learning disability where an individual finds it hard to form letters and write within a defined space.
Dyspraxia affects the development of motor skills in an individual, making them unable to develop their physical being.
As mentioned, ADHD is a disorder in which it causes an individual to have a low attention span on tasks that are very
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