Piaget's Theory Of Natural Selection

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Development is an evolutionary process that is a common phenomenon experienced by all living species including humans. Its main purpose is to regulate internal and external factors to survive. It refers to the physical, cognitive, and social development in species. However, unlike other species, this process in humans is complex and essential to one’s survival. The importance of it is evident in Darwin’s theory of natural selection. According to Darwin (1859), only the most equipped to survive and reproduce is environmentally favoured to pass their genes to their offspring. The repercussion of this mentality is still intact to our modern society, where the weak and vulnerable are regarded as inferior to our society. However, despite establishing the importance of development, the progression of development is not clear. As some psychologist like Piaget view development as a universal process, while others like Vygotsky regard it as context specific. This essay will argue that Piaget’s theory oversimplified the progression of development by underestimating the implications of culture in human development. I will do this by analysing the physical, cognitive and socio-cultural developmental process that are different among societies. Physical development Physical development refers to the observable changes in an individual physique. It includes refinement of motor-skills and advancement in biological growth. Commonly, sought to be a universal process, as the human need and
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