Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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The term cognitive development refers to the process of developing intelligence and higher level thinking that allows a person to acquire problem-solving skills from the age of infancy through adulthood. A Swiss philosopher by the name of Jean Piaget took an interest in in developmental psychology; specifically in children during infancy through pre-adolescence. This model developed by Piaget still has a modern-day relevancy.
Contributions to Learning and Cognition
Piaget made a considerable contribution to psychology with his studies of cognition; his main focus was on understanding the difference between children and adults. “Applying Piaget 's theory of cognitive development to the education of children
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Piaget believed that deductive logic emerged in this stage; the ability to use a general principle to determine a specific outcome. “Thinking at this stage is as logical as it will ever become” (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2013).
Theoretical Concepts Associated with the Model
Piaget developed theoretical concepts such as assimilation, accommodation, equilibration, intelligence, and schemata. Piaget viewed assimilation and accommodation as two different statistical types of learning. He considered equilibration to be the motivation that supported intellectual growth. “Piaget described intelligence as a dynamic trait because the availability of an intelligent act changes as an organism biologically matures and can gain experience” (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2013). Schemata were thought to be a form of overt behavior that represented scientific reasoning.

Modern-day Relevancy of the Model
Areas such as education, genetics, psychology and sociology continue to study Piaget’s theories. The most profound discoveries were in early childhood education, and his continue to contribute to the comprehension of cognitive development in our youth. Children were once considered the same as adults, just smaller versions, but know they are viewed as cognitively developing humans that see the world from a different perspective. Piaget’s work is influential and continues to influence students and psychologists.
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