Pian Ano Research Paper

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Music have been one of the world's most recognized subject for people all around the world. I believe that music date back to ancient times, and to this day music is still capture us with its wonderful sound. When talking about music, it is very broad because in music there are variety of subject we can talk about. Subject include musical instruments, singing, or any other form which describe music. For musical instruments is a instrument which make sound like guitar, piano, violin, etc. When talking about singing it a sound which a person or group of people make. It can be individual singing, choir for church, or just group singing. For this report I will talk about the instrumentation side of music, which brings me to my topic piano or in italian pianoforte which is a formal term for piano (Wiggins, 2016). On the topic of…show more content…
There are different type of keyboard instruments in the world some have less keys than others and they are not called the same. Piano is also a type of keyboarding instrument some good example of keyboarding type would be hurdy-gurdy, electronic organ, organ, clavier, reed organ, carillon, clavichord, melodeon, and celesta. A type of keyboard was first introduced to this world was in Greece about 220 B.C. it was called Hydraulis which evolve into organ as we know today (Cazaubon). According to the article “The history of piano” the early keyboard were played with hands, wrists, fists, knees, or feet. Over time different kinds of keyboard stringed instruments were being developed, some came with hammers, including the checker, dulce melos, clavichord, and some were plucked instruments, including the virginal, spinet and harpsichord. The chekker is a form of keyboard which used a hammer to hit the strings like a modern piano, dulce melos is
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