Piano Music Critique

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The night began at seven thirty. Entering the music hall of the first time, there were many red velvet seats neatly set into rows sloping into the stage like an opera house, with white washed walls and a beautiful black piano shining in the center of the stage. A medium tall woman wearing a velvet navy blue dress walks out on stage and sits at the piano. With her back hunched over she begins playing. As her fingers intermediately move across the ivory and ebony keys, the melody is calm and paints the picture of a paint brush filled with paint gliding across a paper with elegance and homophonic texture. The music comes to a faded stop as the audience applauded. Her fingers quietly start to move again as the crowd becomes silent. Her hands…show more content…
The sound that was once piano turned into a forte, presto and dark sound. Then it switches into a light and grave sound, the player seems to be telling a story as her finger change tempo and sound like a scene in a movie. Soon the music turns to a constant light sound, her hands mover to the higher section of the piano and play a joyful melody. Her hands start to shift again to the middle of the piano with a transition as smooth as butter. The melody starts to change tempo and become more intense with the lower notes being channeled through the hall. Biology or chemistry students would say this part of the piece was like the second law of thermodynamics with the piece going from homophonic to polyphonic. The long piece finally ends just as it started with a bang. The chatter from the audience beings as intermission takes place; minutes later the pianist enters the room and takes her seat at the piano and begins playing Beethoven. I was low and dark as it began to have some momentum increasing in tempo and intensity. The melody seems to be taking place in the lower notes of the piano it then softens and becomes fast and louder as the pitch of the piano gets higher. At last the final piece arrives and close the night with a grave dark sound which turns light and airy. The pianist stands and bows as the audience claps vigorously and exists the hall to travel home and crawl into their
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