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Sitting at the park on a marvelous day watching the kids play in the park, then it happens one kid starts eating dirt. Wondering why he’s doing it, and what’s his motive? Intrigued, I go home and research the symptoms and I come up with one word: Pica. But what exactly is Pica? Pica is a very rare disorders with an interesting history, where signs and symptoms help diagnosis the treatments for it.

Pica is a disorder in which you have an appetite or weird craving for things that have no nutritional value. There is no age limit for the disease; anyone can have Pica at any point in time. Pica can be associated with mental and stress related disorders. Stress factors such as family issues, pregnancy,
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Eating paint is most common among children who live in poverty. It is often related with those who have very little to no parental supervision. Hunger also may result in pica. Which of an inability to tell the difference between food and nonfood items has linked people with mental handicap to Pica. This answer, however, is not supported by the examples of nonfood items that were consciously eaten by people with limited mental gifts.
Pica can go unnoticed, and is usually only discovered when a health problem strikes. It can remain undetected for months or even years. Very often pica is detected when an individual suffers from an intestinal blockage, intestinal tear, dental injury, or a poisoning infection linked with eating non-food substances. Blood tests will usually be carried out during, to determine if a mineral shortage could be the cause. Pica is diagnosed in individuals who have routinely eaten non-food substances for at least a month, for whom this behavior is inappropriate to their developmental stage. Those who do not consume these substances as part of a recognized cultural or religious practice will fit into the category. Only a qualified doctor should make a diagnosis of Pica. Laboratory studies may be used to access these answers. The choice of imaging or laboratory studies depends on the characteristics of the ingested materials and the resulting medical problems. In addition to people having pica some animals even
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