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Art represents beauty. It represents the soul and spirit of the artist. It's a form of communication that the artist can use as a substitution for words. Art has flourished the world for thousands of years and it has no intentions on stopping. One of "the most important figure's in modern art" (Selfridge, 15) is a man by the name of Pablo Picasso. He has taken the world into many places and has enabled us to see many abstract creations through his artwork alone. (Selfridge, 20) Born on October 25, 1881, Picasso was a miracle right from the start. There were complications with birth and everyone was sure that he wasn't going to make it, but then Picasso's uncle, Salvador Ruiz, was able to make this tragedy a miracle. He …show more content…
(Jaffe, 117) The school didn't work out, so Picasso went to Paris, which was one of his dreams… He was able to explore the streets, cafés, and museums that Paris had to offer. An art dealer, by the name of Pere Manach, was impressed by the work he had seen of Picasso's and offered him a deal. He would pay him 150 francs every month for all of the work he had completed in that time period. (Selfridge, 85) Although Picasso left back to Spain, he agreed and they made arrangements to make an exchange every month. Picasso received word that a well respected art dealer named Ambroise Vollard wanted to exhibit his work, so Picasso returned to Paris for the occasion. (Selfridge, 88) The exhibit turned out to be very successful, and fifteen pieces of Picasso's was purchased before the exhibit was opened. Picasso returned to Spain and continued his work there. A good friend of his named Casagemos committed suicide, which made Picasso very depressed. He showed his emotions through his work by painting mostly in shades of blue. This is known as his blue period, where all his subjects dealt with poverty, depression, and human struggle. (Westernbaker, 162) In 1905, Picasso met a woman named Gertrude Stein and he immediately wanted to use her in his portraits. It took him about 90 sittings and he still wasn't satisfied with the work he did of her, so he took a

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