Picking Ideal Participants For My Research Paper

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In picking ideal participants for my research paper of permanency planning my thoughts were who the appropriate age is therefore it will be legal. Another idea was who would bring great experience to this topic. The reason I say that is because not enough people who are in the foster care system whether it be a foster parent do not understand how the process works. Foster parents are being shuffle back and forth to the agency or courts with only information that is giving by the case planner. Sometimes case planners do not provide proper knowledge to foster parents. My Ideal participants are (A) Interviewees who are 18-26 of age. I want to know their experience of foster care system and age out process. (B) Non-kinship foster parent and Kinship foster parent. There are some foster parents that have been caring for children over 10 plus years. By interviewing them they can give me an historical perspective on how they enter in the system as well as why they continue to be foster parents. (C) Case planners who work for the foster care agency. Part two of my research will be and observation conducting in foster parent training [Foster parent annual reauthorization Training/Behavior management and working with adolescents] (November 14, 2015). Ethical In all interviews I will be introducing the interviewees on my pitch to not sway their opinion in answering the questions. Asking if the individual would like to participate and if they deny, I will thank them for hearing my
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