Picky Eater By Julia Alvarez

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At some point of a kid’s life, they want to be picky about something. They want to have some control of their little world where adults are constantly telling them what to wear, what to do, and what to eat. Food, for instance, is an easy topic where kids will fight for some independence. Throwing, yelling, crying and even bribing were the essence of a battle at dinner tables. Because some parents would automatically give in to their children’s need, the kids often think they won the battle but technically they didn’t. In the story, “Picky Eater”, Julia Alvarez tells a story of her childhood experience of home meals where her and her sisters were also picky eaters, despite having healthy food served to them. Meals, she said, “at home were battlegrounds. Even if you won the dinner battle, refusing to clean your plate or drink your engrudo, you inevitably lost the war” (Alvarez 145). Battlegrounds at home can occur but it doesn’t have to end up being messy if the parents know how to handle the situation properly. In “Picky Eater” Alvarez mentioned that her parents particularly her mother was very strict on the type of food the children ate. Getting food from “en la calle was strictly forbidden” (Alvarez 144) because they might get sick catching some kind of disease from people who have prepared their food. Also, because Alvarez and her sisters were very thin, having leftovers on their plate wasn’t allowed. To ensure her kids got all the nutrition they needed, the mother had

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