Picture Analysis: Missing Place

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This picture as a whole represents the feeling of missing something that's not there. In this picture there is a pull towards a special place and everyone has a place like that. Where they feel like it's essential to go there everyone in a while at least. It that place that feels like home even if it's hours away from the real version. It's a place where one belongs and feels welcomed or a place to be alone and accepted. It's important to have a place like that. It makes one feel things they can't feel at home or school. It may be a person or a building or a spot on a map but it is home to someone, they are home to someone. This picture represents a home. I chose these negatives together to give the feeling of a missing half or missing place. These separate photos are a girl in the woods and a house by the beach. Separately, they don't represent much of anything but together they can represent an emotion of longing.
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Personally, I think this technique takes away from the individual photos but, if it's used well I think it can be extremely beautiful. It was very hard to get them focused and the lighting right. The doubled negatives made the time very long as well. This was a very stressful experience partly because scholastics and partly because I only have one day to complete this with the time after scholastics. I would do it again but, I would make sure I had a roll specifically done for this project. It was somewhat difficult because of the extensive time it takes to line up the photos and print them. Burning and dodgeing isnt that ahrd for me but foretunatly I didnt have to use this technique on the exam
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