Picture Book Analysis Essay

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Picture Books Importance on a Child’s Development Ever analyzed a picture book before? The colors, shapes, and underlying message on every inch of the page create a story. A story that makes your brain tick and contemplate what exactly you’re looking at. These things are significant to the constant development of a human being, but the specifically to a child. When I was young I would drown my floor with Dr. Seuss and books that gave excitement to me just by holding them. I loved looking at the pictures, the endless rhymes, and magical color schemes because I had no other outlet than books to reach in a grab my attention the way they could. That’s why picture books are almost a necessity to a child’s development. The type of …show more content…
On TV you only see what the media wants you to, but with books the possibilities are boundless leaving you to take the story for what it’s worth and run with it, all the while drawing your own conclusions. For example, in my house, I would read books and then dart to my parents telling them about what I just read and what it meant to me, or even how I saw the characters in my own mind. It’s amazing the things you can find out about yourself when you think and create on your own instead of having someone do it for you. I appreciate those who gave me books, read to me out loud, or handed me pens to doodle with because if I wasn’t given the opportunities to explore I probably wouldn’t be the same person today. Even a kindergartener deserves that type of freedom and I feel picture books are a great outlet for it. So you see, pictures, even in books help minds to develop each time you take a glance at them. You gain that freedom in your mind and can grow and expand to photography, galleries, museums, and even creations of your own personal art... the possibilities seem endless. I would conclude that picture books are helpful to people of all ages, especially the minds of children. Will you ever look at books the same
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